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Welcome to the Iris Theater in Downtown Gatlinburg

Located in the heart of Downtown Gatlinburg, the Iris Theater is the place to go for shows and entertainment in Gatlinburg. At the Iris Theater, we have the best performers, the funniest shows, the most eye-popping performances, and most importantly, the biggest fun in Gatlinburg.

The Iris Theater brings a different brand of show to the Smokies. Don’t take us wrong: we love bluegrass music, hillbillies in overalls, and black bears as much as the next person, but we think this area has enough of that sort of entertainment. That’s why we strive to bring unique shows to our audiences night after night. Our goal is to have you leave our shows filled with a sense of wonder, magic, and amazement. We want the show you see at the Iris Theater to be the highlight of your visit to Gatlinburg.

Thanks to the best performers in the Smokies, our audiences are having their minds blown night after night. Come be a part of the experience everyone is talking about at the Iris Theater in Downtown Gatlinburg – at the base of the Gatlinburg Space Needle.